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Αρχική Products SYSTIMAX PowerSUM


The SYSTIMAX PowerSUM Solution was developed to provide a more robust cabling system than Category 5 due to the evolution of 100 Mb/s applications that feature sophisticated encoding algorithms and required simultaneous signal transmission over two or more cable pairs in both directions (full duplex operation).


PowerSUM channel performance specifications exceed not only the current ratified and proposed standards in TIA and ISO for Category 5e cabling systems but are also capable of providing stable and continual performance up to 155.5 MHz.

SYSTIMAX product channels that are comprised exclusively of PowerSUM passive products end-to-end are capable of delivering 1.0 gigabits per second (Gbps) to the workstation in accordance with application standards and are eligible for the SYSTIMAX 20-year Extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance Program.

  • Performance Extended to 155.5 MHz for Enhanced Channels
  • Performance certified to exceed the Category 5e Specification



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