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Αρχική Products SYSTIMAX OptiSPEED

SYSTIMAX® OptiSPEED® Solution is a typical 62.5 multimode fiber, with the lower loss multimode optical channel available in the market .

It offers :

  • Standard 62.5 micron multimode fiber
  • Lowest multimode fiber channel loss available, up to 50% less than other systems
  • Lowest loss small form factor connector available in the industry - LC Connector

The SYSTIMAX® OptiSPEED® Solution was developed to provide fiber optic connectivity for network backbones that is optimised for legacy applications. 62.5 micron multimode fiber provides high-speed links to support low-cost signal transmission up to the TIA standard of 300 meters within a building and up to 2000 meters within a campus for many of today's legacy LAN.

The OptiSPEED channel, which includes the low-loss LC connector, supports the 1000BASE-SX, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, up to 300 meters with up to 6 LC connections. This is the lowest loss channel in the industry that simultaneously supports a longer distance than specified by the standard. OptiSPEED supports up to 600 meter for 1000BASE-LX Gigabit Ethernet LAN applications. The OptiSPEED solution also supports 10 Gbps Ethernet using four CWDM lasers to 300 meters.

In addition to LC connectors, the OptiSPEED solution also includes the duplex SC connector and the ST II+ connector. Supportable distances may be diminished with these connector types relative to that with the LC connector. The LC is a Small Form Factor connector that allows two LC connectors to fit in the space of a traditional connector such as the SC or ST II+. The solution offers an extensive line of wall and rack mounted patch panels and telecommunication outlets for building entrance facilities, equipment rooms, telephone closets/floor distributors and work areas.

SYSTIMAX channels comprised exclusively of OptiSPEED passive products, end-to-end, are capable of delivering up to 10 Gigabit per second in accordance with application standards.

OptiSPEED products include:

  • Building Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cable
  • Outside Plant Cable
  • LC, SC or ST II+ Connectors
  • Splice and Termination Shelvesand Patch Panels
  • Multimedia Outlets
  • Patch Cords



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