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Αρχική Products SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED


The performance specifications for the TIAs new 492AAAD standard reflect those of the SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED 550 Solution the same visionary fiber solution that has been deployed in local area network and data center applications around the world since 2003.

  • The SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED Solution offers a cost-effective, low risk route to reliable LAN communications in the Gb/s range.
  •  It can unleash the full potential of your GigaSPEED XL U/UTP or PowerSUM U/UTP cabling network at a surprisingly low cost
  • An end-to-end multimode fiber solution, it enables cost-effective migration from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s in premises networks
  • And, with the ratification of the IEEE standard for 10 Gb/s (IEEE 802.3ae) and the standards for laser optimized multimode fiber (TIA), network users can now confidently deploy 10Gb/s Ethernet in their corporate backbones.

Our SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED Solution boosts performance to a blistering 10 Gb/s while reducing total system costs by eliminating expensive opto-electronics previously needed to achieve 10 Gb/s speeds on multimode fiber. The SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED technology is the world's first multimode fiber optic solution to support 10 Gb/s serial transmission at 850 nanometers at distances of over 300 meters -- more than enough to connect in-building backbones.

Laser-optimized multimode fiber optics provide an ideal pathway for photon travel. The additional bandwidth and geometry of these fibers eliminates the need for expensive, high-precision lasers, combiners, splitters, and filters. LazrSPEED fibers can transmit at 10 Gb/s using only a single VCSEL (vertical cavity surface-emitting laser) transceiver. The result has been shown to reduce total cost of ownership up to 30 - 40 percent over conventional CWDM (coarse wavelength division multiplexing) systems requiring more elaborate opto-electronics.

To further reduce total cost of ownership, the LazrSPEED Solution is backward compatible with legacy LAN applications. Its standards compliant 50-micron core diameter allows you to continue running your existing Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, SONET, and Token Ring applications. LazrSPEED fiber also enables dual speed 1 Gb/s or 10 Gb/s ports, which allows disruption-free upgrading of your Ethernet networks to the new higher-speed 10 Gb/s standards.


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