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Αρχική Products SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL


It brings total confidence to network infrastructure performance. Developed using new testing and simulation technology developed at CommScope Labs, the GigaSPEED XL Solution exceeds Category 6/Class E standards in any channel up to 100m with six or fewer connectors.

Powerful new design and measurement tools including Modal Decomposition Modeling, developed by the CommScope R&D Labs, were used to test and refine the SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED XL Solution. As a result, it offers higher, more reliable performance than any other commercially available U/UTP solutions.

Modal Decomposition Modeling provides all 256 electrical parameters to fully characterise the performance of cable, connectors or cords. This means there are no areas of uncertainty to cause problems after network infrastructure is installed.

The SYSTIMAX 360 GigaSPEED XL 1100GS3 panels are available in 1U and 2U options and feature the elegant SYSTIMAX 360 design. Enhanced rear cable management features make installation easier over current cable bundling/dressing methods by reducing time and steps to tie down bundles of cable on the rear of the panels.

The SYSTIMAX 360 “iPatch-ready” copper panels can be upgraded in the field at a later stage with the 360 iPatch Upgrade Kit. The upgrade can be performed without network disruptions, since it does not require the removal of patch cords. The SYSTIMAX 360 solution offers customers the option to deploy intelligence at a later stage, without interrupting network activity, since no removal of patch cords or cross-connect wires is needed.


Ask the Tough Questions!

In the trade magazines you’ll see impressive claims from many companies. Read the ads, then evaluate them by asking a few difficult questions:

  •     Can the company guarantee significant channel margin over the entire frequency range, from 1 to 250 MHz? We can.
  •     Are performance claims valid for the entire network channel, end to end, from equipment closet to desktop? Ours are.Guaranteed
  •    Does the company design, manufacture and test every component? Every channel? We do
  •    The Big Question: Are advertised performance claims guaranteed in the warranty, for existing and future applications, for 20 years? Ours are

In today’s economy, these are the questions that could determine your company’s future. Be skeptical of long answers. We believe that only one company can answer all of these questions in one word: Yes.


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