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Built on world-renowned high-performance SYSTIMAX® copper and fiber connectivity, SYSTIMAX Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions are more than just hardware – they are comprehensive, fully supported solutions that have been engineered to help you document, manage and monitor your physical network infrastructure.


SYSTIMAX iPatch® hardware, including intelligent copper panels, fiber optic shelves and infrastructure control systems, give you Vision into real-time changes to your physical layer network.

SYSTIMAX iPatch System Manager Infrastructure Operations Software correlates this vision with information from networking equipment, IP endpoints and other systems to provide Knowledge of how the network layer devices map to the physical layer.

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of Systimax Intelligent Infrastructure Solution.

This combination of hardware and software – of vision and knowledge – gives you unprecedented Control of your physical layer infrastructure. You will have what you need for a real-time, comprehensive view of your physical network infrastructure to document, plan and execute changes.

Backed by the SYSTIMAX Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions research, development and support teams and CommScope’s
Certified iPatch BusinessPartners, you will have the support you need to design, install, configure and maintain an Intelligent Infrastructure Solution.

Features and Benefits

Here is what you can expect from SYSTIMAX Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions:

• Accurate documentation of the end-to-end connectivity between networked devices
• Real-time tracking of changes to physical layer connections
• Alerts on unauthorized or unplanned changes
• Notification of impacts to critical circuits
• Discovery of network devices, with tracking of physical locations
• Service provisioning and electronic work orders for guided deployment in data centers or office environments

• Complete visibility and control of your physical layer infrastructure
• Enhanced productivity through automation and process efficiency
• Reduced cost associated with capacity and asset management
• Real-time enhanced view of the physical location of IP endpoints
• Control of your workflow process
• Reduced MAC cycle time and rework through guided patching
• Simplified audit and tracking process

Control systems link your iPatch intelligent panels with the System Manager software. Each rack of iPatch intelligent panels is equipped with a control system—an iPatch Panel Manager or Rack Manager Plus — which monitors the status of every port. The control system sends connectivity updates to System Manager to ensure that you always have a real-time updated database of connectivity information. SYSTIMAX control systems also provide technicians with a local user interface. To aid in tracing existing connections, the display provides end-to-end connectivity
information, including the location of patch cords as well as the devices connected on either end of the circuit.

This wealth of information far surpasses the level of insight provided by traditional port or cord labels. In addition, control systems provide the added benefit of automatic updates when changes occur in the patching
field or at the endpoints of a circuit. The iPatch Control System enhances guided patching operations by displaying work orders generated by your System Manager software. A local display makes steps in the work order simple, is playing the ports to be connected or disconnected, as well as providing visual and audible feedback on the progress of that step. LEDs on iPatch panels aid the process, too, lighting up to signal each patching change.

For unguided operations, the iPatch Control System can be used to confirm changes made on iPatch panels. All connectivity changes in iPatch panels are automatically detected by the control system and forwarded on to iPatch
System Manager, where alerts for unauthorized changes can be forwarded to systems administrators.
With the iPatch Control System operating as a reporting system for your Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions, you gain the Vision and Knowledge you need to take Control of your network.


SYSTIMAX Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions provide all the support you need for a powerful, responsive network, addressing your concerns in:
• Change Management
• Security
• Availability
• Physical Location
• Compliance
• Productivity

Don’t settle for less – with an Intelligent Infrastructure Solution, you get more than just a highly reliable physical layer network. You get the Vision and Knowledge you need to be in Control.


iPatch System Manager (Demo version)

To download a 90-day demo version of  iPatch System Manager software, please click here


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