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Αρχική Products SIEMON Fiber Plug and Play
Plug and Play Fiber

Plug and Play

Fiber Optic Solution

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  • Supports 10, 40 and 100Gb/s application
  • No connectors, termination kits or consumables required
  • 75% faster deployment
  • Low Loss option


High Performance Cabling. High Speed Deployment.


Performance tnPerformance: Made of high-quality cable and components for future-proof support of critical data center links including 10Gb/s as well as 40 and 100Gb/s applications. Factory terminated & tested connections for maximum channel throughput.

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Rapid Deployment: Siemon plug and play systems can be deployed 75% faster than traditional field terminated fiber connections.Systems are ordered to fit the application then simply pulled and plugged in.

efficiency tn

 Efficiency: Turn-Key Solution — No connectors, termination kits or consumables required.
Universal configuration eliminates polarity issues


high-density tn

High Density: A Single MTP Connector and RazorCore cable replaces up to 24 individual fibers and connectors, reducing both cabinet and rack space usage as well as pathway space.


scalable tn

Scalable: The system's flexible design allows additional links to be easily added as connectivity needs expand



configurable tnPlug and Play Channel Configurations: Modules, reels, trunks, adapter plates and extenders combine with Siemon fiber enclosures and jumpers in an array of configurations to fit nearly any infrastructure design 


Siemon Low Loss Plug and Play

Siemon's Low Loss versions of standard loss fiber plug and play cable assemblies and modules help data center managers contend with today’s shrinking optical loss budgets and support multiple mated pairs for flexible 10, 40 and 100 gigabit applications.

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  • Available on Siemon MTP® to MTP reels and extenders, LC to MTP and SC to MTP plug and play modules and LC to MTP trunks using Siemon XGLO® OM3 and OM4 multimode optical fiber, Siemon low loss plug and play solutions improve insertion loss to a maximum of 0.20 dB for MTP mated pairs and 0.15 dB for LC or SC mated pairs, well below the industry standard of 0.75 dB per mated pair.
  • Siemon low loss plug and play MTP to LC or SC modules now offer a combined loss of 0.35 dB and 0.20 dB for MTP to MTP pass-through adapter plates.
  • These low loss plug and play solutions deliver low loss performance throughout the entire channel when used in conjunction with Siemon’s innovative Low Loss LC BladePatch® Fiber Jumpers or other low-loss fiber jumper that match Siemon’s module loss at the LC interface.


Siemon Low Loss Plug and Play

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