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The data centre is the hub of your optical network – transmitting, storing and protecting the information upon which your business relies.

So what makes your network any different than your competitor's network? How can your data centre contribute more to the bottom line, while at the same time manage all your information without any fear of downtime?

Corning Cable Systems LANscape® Pretium® EDGE (Evolved-Density, Growth-Enabled) Solutions are preterminated optical cabling systems that take your data centre to the next level. Pretium EDGE Solutions consist of optical trunks, harnesses, modules, housings and jumpers, all enabled by reduced cable diameters and Corning® ClearCurve® optical fibre. These innovative solutions address the concerns of data centre owners and operators, helping them increase revenue, reduce expenses and minimize risk.

The faster a network is installed, the faster it can start bringing in revenue. Data centre owners are looking for state-of-the-art networks that are simple enough to be installed quickly and without the need for extensive manpower.

Pretium EDGE Solutions can be installed 85 percent faster than traditional cabling systems, meaning the network is capable of generating revenue faster than ever before. The reduction in installation time begins with Pretium EDGE Solutions trunk cables. The cables feature a newly designed pulling grip that can be routed faster and quickly removed when installation is complete. The bend performance of ClearCurve optical fibre and reduced cable diameter allow the cables to be routed through tight spaces while ensuring that performance is not impacted.

A square trunk furcation plug integrates inside of the hardware and eliminates the often time-consuming task of rotating the trunks. One-handed strain-relief operation is achieved with a snap-on trunk cradle, simplifying and speeding up installation. With a new and innovative hardware design, Pretium EDGE solutions modules can be installed via the front or the rear of the housings, giving the installer the option of deploying the network in the fashion they find most efficient and from one side of a cabinet row.




The modules contain an LC shutter, eliminating the need for dust caps that can be lost and take time to install, and also giving the installer quick access to the LC duplex port with only one hand. Slide-out trays allow ample access, again allowing the installer to quickly access the equipment and install the solution.

Efficiently managing moves, adds and changes (MACs) is always a concern in the data centre. The need for MACs is inevitable, but they must happen quickly and without disrupting the data centre's daily operations. Pretium EDGE Solutions enable 25 percent faster MACs ensuring the network stays up and running while simultaneously and quickly updating it as needed. Pretium EDGE Solutions include a truly unique hardware design, with housings containing individually sliding trays (three trays per rack unit) into which the modules are loaded. These individual trays make it easier and less time consuming to add trunk cables during MACs, and every housing has separate routing guides, so jumpers are easily managed and accessed when adding new jumpers or re-routing existing ones. Since modules can be inserted from either the front or the back of the housing, MACs can be achieved through either location. The slide-out drawer and module design also provide easy connector access and jumper movement.

Data centres are being tasked with managing more and more data, but data centre real estate is not growing at the same rate. In order to handle growing applications in a finite amount of space, owners and operators are placing increasing importance on equipment density.




Pretium EDGE Solutions feature industry-leading density: 100 percent more density than current systems. The 4U housing can manage up to 288 LC duplex ports, while the 1U housing manages 48 LC duplex ports, to optimize your data centre real estate. 

Modules are also significantly smaller, with four modules fitting into only one-third U of rack space. Sliding trays in the housing offer improved access to the connectors when compared to current high-density fixed panels. ClearCurve optical fibre allows for a minimum bend radius of five times the cable outer diameter in Pretium EDGE Solutions trunk cables (compared to 10 times the OD in traditional trunks), and eight times the OD in interconnect cables.

With 25 percent smaller trunk cable diameters,and 50 percent smaller jumpers, more cables can be routed and stored in the same amount of space. Extra slack can be coiled so it does not interfere with cable routing, and the cable can be routed more tightly around corners and bends.

Data centre requirements are constantly changing and evolving, and a network should not only manage today's requirements but also accommodate what is to come. Pretium EDGE Solutions are designed to meet the requirements of 100G Ethernet, and universally wired components provide a simple upgrade path from 2-fibre to parallel optic applications.

With 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week operation at stake, the need for a high-performing, reliable network is a given. Mere seconds of downtime can result in thousands or even millions of Euros in lost revenue, so the network must provide consistent uptime. Pretium EDGE Solutions deliver faster installation and MACs as well as improved density without sacrificing performance or reliability. Pretium EDGE Solutions feature the same performance and reliability that continues to set Corning Cable Systems apart. Modules' insertion loss of 0.5 dB allows for multiple connections in a link when deploying TIA-942 and EN50173-5 compliant systems.

Remember :

85% faster installation time
25% faster MACs
100% more density
Ethernet 100G ready
Enabled by ClearCurve fiber

Corning Cable Systems invented preterminated optical systems for the data centre more than a decade ago, and we continue to set the standard for the performance of these systems. With Pretium EDGE Solutions, Corning has combined this industry-leading performance with a revolutionary approach to network deployment and operation. For a network that overcomes the challenges of today's data centre requirements while also preparing it for future growth, trust your network to Corning Cable Systems.


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