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Αρχική Company

Our company is founded in 1995 and is named TeleNet out of parts of the words Telecommunication Networks and by 1997 becomes a Limited company.

The company shareholders come from three respectable families, therefore influence the character of the company which remains unchanged until today. TeleNet is recognised as an absolutely specialised, family firm. Everyone that experienced our services is able to see into TeleNet our love and devotion for our work and the sincerity we treat our customers and partners. TeleNet is a big family, since the day we started and we are still getting on this way for 15 years now.

TeleNet was built on very strong ground, thanks to its founders' vast experience in telecommunication networks. Since its early steps, the company plays a determinant role in Voice-Data networks, since companies like Digital Equipment Hellas S.A. and later SYNET S.A. choose TeleNet as a subcontractor. By the end of the 90's, TeleNet takes part in very important projects, recognised by project managers and customers like PANAFON (now Vodafone) and STET (now Wind) for the quality of its services.

From the late 90's and onwards, TeleNet projects become the milestones for cabling systems' evolution :

  • 1995 - We install the first Category 5e cabling system in Greece.
  • 1998 - We install the first Category 6 installation in Greece.
  • 1999 - We introduce Category 7 / Class F TERA for the first time in Greece.
  • 2001 - We are the first to present the Industrial RJ45 connector.
  • 2002 - We release the evolution of Cat.6 cabling and two years later we install a factory warranted Category 6 @ 300 MHz.
  • 2006 - We install the first Category 7/Class F installation in Greece (ΟΤΕ Headquarters)

The professional skills and human values of our executives and partners, build TeleNet's reputation, as the pioneer installers in quality and advanced technology. All partners together, we take care of all the details from design to the delivery of every project, respecting our customers trust. We are working with care and consistency and we deliver projects that we are really proud of.

From the very first moment we appreciate the vital part of the Electromechanical installations and with the right partners we achive the following :

  • Design and installation of Power, Control and Voice-Data cabling for AIR EMIRATES in 1998
  • Installation of the Voice-Data-Video cabling system of the New Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos" in 1999.
  • Design and installation of Power and Voice-Data cabling of KLM Headquarters in Athens.
  • Design and installation of the Voice-Data cabling for the industry PROTECTA Α.Ε.V.Ε. in 2002
  • Installation of the Power and Voice-Data cabling for the industry LIMPANTZIS S.A. in 2004.
  • Construction of the Headquarter and Production building of Z-CARD Hellas in 2006.

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